Christopher Andrew Tuele


1984 – 2014

Chris grew up in Victoria and always had a thing for Mustang’s.  He picked up his 1988 Mustang Hatchback with the hopes of making it a project car when he settled down and one day had a son.  Unfortunately, this day will never come for Chris,  but our hopes are that this Mustang can still live on as a project for others.  With this, Chris’s vision will be fulfilled.

Mustang project is for all club members to partake. We will be using the car on the 1/8th mile at Western speedway and for rally cross. It is a work in progress. We have formed a committee and the members have been putting in time. So far we have replaced the clutch and serviced the brakes. Next is new rear end gears and hopefully headers.

Midas in Brentwood Bay has been donating machine work and tire dismounting mounting for us. B&B Auto parts will be helping us out as well.

The car will be open to all on race days. Butt of course if you are at work parties you name goes in the hat more often.

We picked up our new club project car today (Thanks to Miles!). The Torque Masters are now the proud guardians of a 1987 Mustang LX 5L 5spd. The body’s in great shape and we even had it running with 15 minutes of getting it off the trailer thanks to a little hillbilly mechanics from Billy Bob (Tony) and Jethro (Miles). Thanks also to Tom for loan of his trailer! With a little elbow grease and tapping into our clubs vast personal expertise… we’ll have this ready for the road/track in no time.

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Thank you to our Sponsors

JB auto Group, B&B Auto have donated the following. Shorty headers and nice stainless glass packs.

Midas Brentwood Bay has donated two tires and all the mounting and balancing. Installed the glass pack exhaust from headers back.

Jeff at Capital Glass Sidney has donated a new windshield and is storing the car in his locked compound.

Lester Godo. L&J Installations has donated the use of his car trailer for race days.

Thanks, Tony Tyrrell